We have tried to have our most asked questions listed below. If you do not see your question answered, please contact us via the form below.

?I downloaded the Care Connect App, now what?

If you have downloaded the Care Connect app or are ready to begin using the Care Connect app, you need to assign someone to be the “administrator”. This person will begin the setup process by first entering church name and their email — you would do that here.

Once the sign up page has been filled out, you will receive an email from ChurchStaffApps with a password.

Then you will log in here with your email address you provided us and the password we sent you.

Finally, take a few minutes and look at how you can enter locations (hospitals in your area), people (people in your congregation who are sick), and users (church staff, deacons, sunday school teachers, etc)

?How much is Care Connect and when do I start paying?
Care Connect is free to try for 30 days. After that time you will be charged a monthly subscription of only $15. (note: the $15 per month is per church not per user)
?Do I need to enter my credit card?
No. We offer a free 30 day trial for everyone – we want you to fall in love with our apps. If for whatever reason you decide the app is not for you and your ministry during the first 30 days, just have the admin log in and either “suspend” or “delete” account
?Is our information safe, secure and backed up?

The short answer is yes!

When you log into Care Connect online you are using a secure connection using a strong 2048-bit SSL Certificate Encryption.

Our application/database does not store sensitive information in plain text plus we have several layers of firewall security.

We make backups daily.

?What does Location mean in admin panel of Care Connect?

In the Care Connect app, location means hospital, nursing home, hospice facility, someone’s home, out-patient facility.

You enter the “locations” that are most used by your congregation

?How do I add users for Care Connect?

This can only be done by the administrator.

Choose profile, then users. At users you can begin entering their name and email address as well as provide them their passwords.

ChurchStaffApps will send each user an email with their username (email address) and password the administrator created.

?Can we add medical conditions?
Yes! We have entered some basic conditions be default. But you can add your own “conditions” as well as color code them too 🙂 This can be done by under “profile” then “medical conditions”
?What is People in Care Connect app?

In the Care Connect app, “people” are the individuals in your congregation that are being listed because they are sick

Note: Once someone is well or you do not need to visit them any longer, only the “administrator” can delete the person from the app

?Can there be more than 1 Admin for church
Yes. As admin, login and then go to “profile”, then click the “users” tab. Next, simply enter new user or choose the existing user and make sure “make this user as admin” is checked.
?How do I remove people from Care Connect app?

The idea is that the “admin” can only delete persons in the system …

To do that, log in online at https://careconnect.churchstaffapps.com/

Then click on “people” on the left side bar

There you will see the people listed and can simply click the “trash can” to delete