Church Staff Apps has the aim to help you minister effectively. Our main solution is Care Connect, a comprehensive communication app developed for church staff and lay leaders to communicate easily and efficiently.

We like to say Care Connect app is more than a bulletin board … it’s connecting the body to church members’ needs

The Missing Element
Communication is key to keep in touch and such communication was lacking in churches, the founder noticed. Staff members and other church leaders had no way to communicate or relate their needs to one another outside of church. This was a vital element that was missing because when others are oblivious to a church staff member’s needs and cannot be there for them or pray for them, the member feels isolated and doubtful. No matter what kind of situation they are in, church staff members should have the peace of mind that their fellow members are praying for them.

The Solution: Care Connect
Thus, keeping this problem at hand Care Connect was developed as the solution. This is an internet-based application which contains the right features to help church staff and leaders connect and communicate. So whenever anyone needs the comfort or prayers of others, they can still count on their church staff and lay leaders to be there for them simply by communicating through Care Connect. Following are the extensive features that cover all aspects of communication between church staff and leaders:

Features of Care Connect
*Free to download; low $15 monthly subscription
*Free 30-day trial
*Keeps track of members by their location
*Information is available in app or online
*Users can keep track of who is sick and who has been visited and get notes from that visit
*Users receive emails and or push notifications of new people added to Care Connect
*Users received push notification if condition has been changed and or note updated on person

This way, be it at home or in a hospital or anywhere else that a church member needs help or prayers, that information can easily be communicated via this app. Works on Android, iOS, and Windows phones.

You must register an account to begin using Care Connect. Click here to register for a free account & start your 30 day trial today!

Still not sure if it’s for your ministry? Download the Care Connect app today and try it for 30 days. Let your staff, deacons, elders,Sunday School teachers, and small group leaders all use it … see what can happen.