Church Staff Apps began with the aim to make church communications better in order to bring congregations even closer together, with no room for isolation or doubts. The idea of Church Staff Apps came to Ed Frisbee as a worship pastor. Ed has been working in full-time ministry for more than 15 years now and one thing he noticed was that a very vital element was missing in the church staff, deacons, and other leaders and that was communication when they were apart. When a member became sick, the others had no communication system whatsoever to find out, pray for them or be there for them. This missing element stuck to Ed and he decided to change that and thus, Church Staff Apps came into being.

Church Staff Apps’ primary app is Care Connect. This app fulfills the very purpose of communication between church staff members. Care Connect is for everyone who wants to minister effectively and properly. The main feature of Care Connect is to connect church leaders so that they have a single platform to share and connect on. Now, with Care Connect, the church leaders do not have to stay oblivious to the needs and situations of other members. Whether they are at home, hospital or wherever – if they need the help or prayers of other church members, they can get it. After all, church is about being the body and loving each other.

Just like Care Connect, Church Staff Apps will cater to any needs or missing elements of the church so that the church experience for the staff members or leaders can become better and they can become closer. No one has to feel isolated, neglected, or alone – now they can connect and communicate.

Church Staff Apps main aim is to help you minister effectively and it hopes to deliver just so.