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Featured in
Journey Christian News

“Her face said it all.
I knew something was wrong,
but what?”

What Our Customers Like Most


They love that Care Connect is easily accessible on their smart phone, allowing each user easy communication anytime & anywhere
Color Coded

They like when they open the app, they can glance at the people listed and see the color coding to identify how serious health risks are
Reading Notes

Like the option of being able to read notes from previous visits of others. Helps them know how better to pray and see condition on follow up visits

Appreciate the convenience of pushing a button and then interfacing with their maps on their smart phone

Our Mission is Simple - to Help You Minister Effectively

My name is Ed Frisbee and I will never forget the day someone from my choir came up to me and mentioned their mom (also a church member) had been in the hospital for nearly a week and I was clueless. I felt about an inch tall … never knew so I never called them, never visited them, and had never known to pray for their needs.
Now think about the “repairs” of the relationship and time to heal. Thankfully this person was gracious and forgiving but we all know there are some people who, unfortunately, would leave a church and never return for feeling uncared for. And for that — no price tag can be set.
That event was engrained in my head and I was determined to help us figure out a better way to communicate with each other as a church staff and church leadership of each other needs.
I invite you to try out our Care Connect for 30 days for freeCare Connect is an app that you can download for free that will help you efficiently and effectively communicate with church leaders who are sick and when they have been visited, all in real time for a low monthly fee of $24.99 per month.