Church Staff Apps is the helpful connection created to assist you in ministering effectively. As with Care Connect, we have provided software solutions to church staffing for years that helps to organize and make things run more efficiently - Care Connect is evolving, and we’re proud to be at the forefront of helping church leaders and staff stay connected with members of their care ministry through that particular software. Any time we can build connections within a church community, we consider it a success.

However, after hearing the desires for something more, we have decided to expand what is loved about Care Connect, and bring it to the masses with complete ease and affordability. That’s where Church Staff Apps comes in. It’s our goal to cover every need possible for your ministry, and we’ll continue to grow in making that happen. Our programs are customizable, automated, and easy to use when it comes to keeping things organized and efficient. We’re willing to work with any church’s needs to make the most of their ministry.

Church Staff Apps - helping you minister effectively
With plans starting at just $25 per month, we have taken the time and consideration of cost into these apps, and though the overall subscription price may be low, it’s your success and achievement that gives us a personal sense of accomplishment.

What Can I Get From Church Staff Apps?

There are plenty of popular features within the apps that we know you’ll love. Check out some of the most popular tools and resources below:

Connected & Searchable: Ready to streamline your systems? With Church Staff Apps, you don’t have to log into five different programs every morning just to get the most basic of organizational and ‘business’ tasks completed. Instead, consolidate your programs into one easily searchable tool. Less stress, less mess, and more time to grow your ministry!

Church Staff Apps - communicating with church staff

Automate Workflow: It can sometimes be difficult to keep track of every single detail, and the last thing you want as a church staff is to fall behind on important details. When you automate your workflow through the app, you can do everything from updating your daily and weekly tasks, to updating the status of a church member when sick. You can also update registrations, or visitor welcome packs. Again, this is fully customizable, so don’t be afraid to put it to good use for your ministry’s particular needs.

Your Content In One Place: Don’t go scrambling around for your ideas any longer! With the app, you can share content with church staff and make collaboration that much easier, and even more fun! Everything updates in real time, so if you have an idea, an attachment, or a comment, everyone will be able to see it instantly. When everyone is on the same page, things don’t just get done faster, they get done better, and that’s exactly what your ministry deserves.

How Does It Work?

If you’ve ever used programs like DropBox, MailChimp, Google Drive, ShareFile, Evernote, Microsoft Exchange, GoToMeeting, or Excel, you can use Church Staff Apps. We are designed to work with any of these programs seamlessly, making your workflow connect through just about any platforms. Your content will be shareable, changeable, and all in one place at any given time in order to be as organized as possible. What can that kind of organization actually do for your church, and your staff?

Increased Flexibility: Instead of being stuck in a template that you and your staff have to learn, make it customizable to fit your needs! From creating a unique layout, to defining the overall structure of your content, you don’t have to learn the ins and outs of a new program, because you’re the ones creating the program to fit your ministry. Make it work for your staff, so there is never any confusion.

Real Time Is Your Time: It can be frustrating not to see things as they happen, especially if you need an immediate answer from your team, some feedback, or just want to share an incredible idea that you would like to move forward with quickly. Not only does our platform keep those conversations in one convenient place, but everything updates in real time. Because of this, staff can see whatever is uploaded or brought to their attention instantly, and vice versa. This tightens the line of communications in such a way that you could really cut down on wasted time that’s typically spent waiting for answers, opinions, etc. Your time is valuable! Don’t spend it in frustration over unorganized web platforms.

We’ll Grow With You: We’re not simply ‘starting out’ something new that might take years to remove the bugs and kinks. Instead, we’re using a platform that over 500,000 businesses currently utilize because of its incredible capabilities. Now, we’re bringing it to the church to manage just about everything the staff has to deal with on a day to day basis. While many people don’t necessarily like to think of a church as a ‘business,’ staff members know that there certainly is a business aspect to it, in order to keep it running. So, keep that business side as streamlined as possible, and instead of stressing about it, you can embrace it, and have more time to actually appreciate and celebrate your ministry.

We’re In The Cloud: You can take Church Staff Apps with you wherever you go, so you don’t have to be stuck at one computer all the time to get any work done. Work from your home computer, tablet, or iOS or Android Phone, and everything will be updated in the Cloud, ready for other staff members to utilize no matter where they are, as well.

Church Staff Apps - We grow with you in the cloud
Church Staff Apps is truly a one-stop solution when it comes to optimal organization, efficiency, and a more stress-free way to run your ministry. Don’t struggle with multiple resources that can be more frustrating than useful anymore, and see what our customizable platform can do for your ministry to alleviate any confusion, and give you back your valuable time.
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